Onsite Computer Repairs

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Onsite Computer Repairs

Onsite Repairs

In need of a repair to your computer or laptop but don’t want to the device to leave your home or place of work? Not a problem at all, We have a fully equipped Vehicle that holds the most common parts at hand to fix your computer. Obviously some repairs cannot be done on site (Keyboard and Laptop Screen Replacements) due to been so many different types and we can;t hold every type in stock.

Our Call Out Fee includes 15 minutes of daignostics and fixes. If we can fix your device within that time then that is all you will need to pay. Our call out charges are as follows:

Distance from our office to Repair point calculated via Google Maps

Call Out Charges

upto 15 Miles £20
Upto 30 Miles £25
Upto 40 Miles £30
Upto 50 Miles £35
Upto 60 Miles £40

Prices Exclude VAT

Payment will be taken over phone whilst confirming Fault and Time. 

Onsite Repairs

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Onsite Repairs
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