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Water Damaged Phone Repairs

Is you phone Water Damaged? How many times have you gone to the bathroom with your phone in your back pocket or been filling a bath with your phone in your hand? The potential of dropping your phone or it coming out of your pocket is greatly increased.

Mobile phones can easily become Water Damaged !

No mobile phone likes water, even those the manufacturers claim are waterproof or water resistant. Waterproof and water resistant are two very different things, resistant means you can use the phone in the rain while proof means the phone can be submerged underwater for a period of time, but this is not for hours whilst you go diving for buried treasure.



1. Powering your phone on or charging it.

2. Pressing any keys, shaking the phone or banging it as the water might continue to seep through its internal hardware.

3. Blowing the water because you might risk sending some water into the sensitive areas of your device.

4. Using a blow dryer or putting your phone in the microwave because you might fry its internal parts.

5. Putting it in the freezer because this will have a tendency to do more damage inside the device.

Water Damage


What can I do ?

  1. Turn off your phone straight away
  2. Remove the battery as soon as possible so no electrical current is running through the phone. Even switched off power is still going through your phone (hence the phone keeps the correct time and alarms will still go off)
  3. Yes putting the phone in rice but that will only dry out your phone so far as it can only come out of the exposed areas (headphone socket) to really dry it out the phone needs taking apart.


Yorkshire Repairs have the equipment to dry your phone out correctly and safely. The drying out process usually takes 3 to 4 days depending on the phone. After that point, the phone is re-assembled cleaning any corrosion that may have started to form due to the water. Once back together the phone is then turned on and assessed.

At that point, we will quote you on what parts the phone needs. If the phone does not need any parts and the phone is working fine the cost is £50 (drying, Cleaning and re-assembly of the phone). If the phone is dead there is no charge.