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Back in the day getting from A to B everyone used an A to Z. Now a days everyone has a Sat Nav of some kind. Whether is is a smart mobile phone, Built in Car computer or a dashboard Sat Nav such as Tom Tom or Gamin.  Now you would think that both a built in and dashboard type of Sat Nav’s wouldn’t need repairing, well we can confirm that they are coming a more and more popular repair.

Below is common Sat Nav issues.


Smashed Screen
Not turning on
Not Charging
Not Holding Charge
Display not working
Lines on Display
Touch Screen not working

If the parts are available we can fit them. Due to the vast amount of Sat Navs,  we will require the model number of the Sat Nav to quote you.


Sat Nav devices are very complex boxes of magic, something this small can direct you across the globe, knowing where speed camera’s are, some getting real time information about diversions and traffic jams. Because of this there are a lot of delicate components inside.

Only open these up if you know exactly what you are doing.

Sat Nav
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